Your host

Dear guests,
I am delighted to introduce myself:
I am Gaby Kaiser a native-born Swiss who emigrated to “Bella Italia” in 2012. The land of basil, tomatoes, parmiggiano, wine, gelato, sunshine…etc,etc


Prior to my relocation I spent a lot of time and energy searching for the right property which accommodates this Italian ambiance.
After several months, my search lead me to what was formerly known as “Casa del Sole”. It was love on first sight. It’s majestic appearance and the enchanted surroundings fascinated me. At the same time, I was able to get to know the house-fairy, Iliara da Prato, who with great care and mindfulness looked after the antique walls and the lush vegetation. Her genuine and cordial personality convinced me that this is going to be my new home as well as the beginning of a wonderful friendship and teamwork.


In July 2012, the architect Marco Innocenti led the extensive reconstruction work which transferred the private home into a charming boutique hotel. Merely one year later, on the 6th of June 2013, we celebrated the birthday of „la bodicese b&b”. Since then, my lovely assistant Ilaria and I have been enjoying the challenging but fulfilling aspects of making guests from around the world feel at home.
Together we focus on creating a zone of recreation where our guests can forget about their everyday responsibilities and refill their batteries with positive energy.

The intimacy of the house supports this as it allows us to interact with every guest personally. This way we try our best to meet your wishes or needs.

It would be our pleasure to accommodate and get to know you at la bodicese.
warm regards
Gabriella and Ilaria

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